Rolly Aboul-fadel Youssef

What was the impact of “Teachers First” on your professional behaviours as a teacher?

“Teachers First” programme has drastically changed my professional behaviours as a teacher. It has motivated me to use a number of various teaching strategies, which I was not used to, such as hot seat and wonder wall. It has given names for a number of professional behaviours that I have already been using such as differentiated teaching, as well as adding a number of feedback types that I can I apply to my class students.

How do you see the impact of “Teachers First” on your students’ learning?

It made the teaching and learning process enjoyable and interesting for the students, so as a number of students started wondering about the secret of the change in the classes by some teachers.

What makes “Teachers First” different?

“Teachers First” is distinguished for:
• For the first time the Ministry considers teacher development, seriously and linking theoretical training to reality. The “Teachers First” programme website helps teachers to share whatever they do in the classroom with their students.
• For the first time the teacher develops a reflective plan based on what he applied in the classroom. This plan made the teacher honest with himself and ignited the desire to improve his performance.
• “Lengo” application made peer evaluation easy at anytime and anywhere.
• Cooperation between teachers of different subjects’ through communities of practice has generated a new spirit among the school teachers, which was sensed by the students. It has created a friendly and affable atmosphere among teachers of the same school.

As a teacher, how being part of a community of practice has developed you?

As coordinator of the community of practice in my school, I have collaborated with the colleagues in “Teachers First” training. I also expanded the Community of Practice in my school through training of nine teachers from preparatory and secondary stages. I am currently working on widening the Community of Practice to include the whole school during the next academic year, if God wills.

What are the most significant influences of the community of practice on your school?

• Change of professional behaviours of many of the school teachers.
• Most of the school teachers desire to participate in the “Teachers First” programme.

What is the long term impact of “Teachers First” project in your opinion?

• It will promote improvement and development of education in our beloved Egypt.
• It will help Egypt’s teachers to develop and improve their performance.
• We, Egyptian teachers, will have our own Egyptian education system, fitting into our environment rather than copycatted from other countries.